Anna Paterson

Hello my name is Anna Paterson and I hope that this site will offer ideas and positive encouragement to help beat eating disorders. These are not just “out of control diets” and in fact are not actually about food and weight at all. They are about low self-esteem and confidence, as well as abuse, control and communication within families.

I lived for 14 years with chronic anorexia and had begun to feel that I could never recover. I had even reached the point of believing that a full recovery wasn’t possible for anyone.

However, I did find that recovery is possible although I needed to take it at a very slow and steady pace. If I tried to change too much too quickly, I would just feel scared and want to disappear back into my eating disorder again.

When you’re trapped inside an eating disorder, it can at times feel like the “solution” to your problems. You may feel in control of your food intake, which seems like the only positive aspect of your life. Unfortunately when you have an eating disorder, the reality is very different. The illness actually controls you and before long, you find yourself feeling terrified of food and gaining weight.

With this website, I have tried to share some information which can help you to learn more about these dangerous illnesses. I found that I needed to start to break the “rules” my anorexia had led me to set up. These “rules” were all based around food and eating and to get well, I had to find the courage to start making changes.

When I wrote about my own experiences with eating disorders in “Anorexic”, I was contacted by a large number of sufferers and their families asking for suggestions about recovery and wanting to know how I managed to beat my own eating disorder. As a result, I have written “Diet Of Despair”, a self-help book for sufferers and their families. In addition, I have also written “Running On Empty”, a novel for young people about eating disorders and friendship. My latest book is “Fit To Die”, a self-help book about the growing issue of men and eating disorders.

Eating disorders are very complicated and often misunderstood illnesses. They can be beaten but it does take patience, time, support and understanding. I hope that this site will be of some help to sufferers and those who care about them.



A self-help book about men and eating disorders for sufferers and those who care about them.

Includes information and recovery ideas for all major eating disorders, including muscle and body dysmorphia.

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